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Why Company Meetings are Important

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Companies call meetings for a myriad of reasons. Some reasons are more important than others, but the most important thing is that when it happens the objective is achieved. Too often they become cluttered with the complexities of running the meeting itself, obscuring the reasons for having the meeting in the first place.


For most of western societies businesses, Annual General Meetings are a compulsory convening of its associated members, with the purpose of providing a board level review of the previous year and to make changes and plans for the next one.

In the UK, surprisingly these meetings are not compulsory by law as they are elsewhere, merely being self-enforced by a company’s own constitution.  There are only two instances in which a UK company must legally convene a meeting, and that is in the event of a director or auditor being dismissed before the end of their term in office, and AGM’s are often used to cover this occurrence.

General management meetings, or GMM’s, are the most common type of meeting a company will hold, with some being held as often as quarterly. Naturally they are attended by those from a much broader range of job roles, with some scope as to how far down a company’s organisational structure those attending will be from.  Some meetings may be for senior management only, whereas others will include all levels of management.

Despite being seen as far more informative than strategic, there’s no reason why these meetings cannot be used to influence policy and strategy as they are an ideal forum for ideas to reach senior company members.

Further to this, some companies also feel it is useful for selected non-management staff to either attend these meetings, or in fact to have their own – at least as much as is possible whilst maintaining the operation of the business. They can provide what could be termed as ‘front line’ experience from those who are often most affected by the policies and strategies decided in the more senior level meetings. 

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Whatever the reason and level these meetings are aiming for, they all offer a number of benefits to those attending as well as the organisation itself:

Inform – The most common reason is as a simple method of conveying a consistent message to a large number of people. By having everyone present in one place it greatly reduces the risk of misinterpretation and any concerns can immediately be addressed - everyone leaves with the same message.

Educate – More in depth than just informing your employees; educating them through the use of presentations, seminars, workshops, and classes, you can improve the skills of large number of people quickly and efficiently. By them having the same training experience you can better manage the lessons and impart the skills knowledge you want them to learn or improve.

Morale – Having so many of your team together in one place is a great opportunity to improve their team work and morale. Achievements can be celebrated, and a great presentation on the ambitions and goals of the business can inspire the entire company. Through the use of team building exercises, employees can improve their communication skills and understanding of other areas of the business.

Strategy – Typically reserved for higher level meetings, these can and will decide the future of the business. Taking the meeting off company premises frees those involved from distractions and will allow them to focus on what’s important – resulting in better decisions and better plans.

Policy Making – Policies constantly need to be reviewed. Change is relentless and is happening at an ever increasing rate. An annual meeting to review and improve company policies benefits everyone and is worth investing time in.

Task/Problem Specific – Sometimes we are faced with a special set of circumstances beyond what can be considered a normal problem. Such instances can often benefit from a gathering of all those able to help solve the issue in a dedicated conferencing of ideas and solutions.

No matter the size of your business or the reasons you have for considering a meeting, they are always worth the investment if done properly with key objectives identified and worked towards. At Lane End we can provide you with everything you need to make your meeting a success, with the peace of mind in knowing we can handle everything to do with the event for you - freeing you to focus on what’s important, your business.

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